I know why you’re here. Because I’ve been there.

I spent years trying to find a way to feel connected to my journey without feeling frazzled. Or worthless. The more I took on the more I felt lost and unable to be happy. The number one comment I heard, about myself, from others was this: You’re so busy….how do you find the time to live?


So I stopped. I stopped being a forensic and trauma therapist. I stopped living for someone else. And I started being the most real me I could be. One day at a time. You know what I mean. You know how it feels. You’ve been in therapy for years, you’ve exercised for worthiness, you’ve found new friends, new hobbies, new everything and you still feel….STUCK.


In 2014 I started thinking outside the box. Bringing my master’s level clinical psychology background with me, I designed artful hypnosis, and started changing the lives of people, like you, one session at a time. You’re here because you’re ready. Ready for a new way to spark something big. Let me guide you into a new pattern of stability, joy and grounding. It’s time to try something different.


PS-Some extras about me…for those who are curious. I was a clinical Marriage and Family Therapist for 10 years until I decided ordinary clinical treatment was outdated and boring. I hold a Master’s in Clinical Psychology and a certification in hypnosis. I’ve been a professional artist for 9 years and use hypnosis and art TOGETHER to help you unblock your STUCK. My first book is hitting the shelves this Dec. 2017, centered around helping you find your real and be your truest YOU that you can be.

I’m really into personal accountability and inspiration, view spirituality as a crucial part of finding our best selves, and have a very strong opinion about why traditional therapy is limiting most people’s potential rather than supporting their growth. If you’re interested in my point of view, here’s the link to get my emails