I Help Creatives Get Real. And Results.

You’ve been creating for days, weeks, years or decades. And you start thinking:

  • I should do this for a living.
  • The wheels turn. Your work flourishes.

Until you get stuck. Inspiration thuds to a halt, your creative work loses spark, and you’re losing confidence. A living means selling your work. Booking gigs. Performing. Consistently.

Feeling lost and inauthentic in your creative process sucks and does not feel empowering. It also halts your ability to sell work, book shows, find confidence in your craft–(the viewer/audience can tell when you’re faking it). Trust me, I’ve been there. I was a forced maker for YEARS until I finally realized I was holding myself back. After a few thousand F-bombs, it became clear: I had to find a new way to get Real.

Sifting through the carnage of my forced / so-called art was a wake-up call. Lines were constricted. My colors, blurry. Like a bolt of lightening it dawned on me, “I have to get out of my conscious noggin’ to start creating supremely Real and raw artwork.” Three happy dances later, I enrolled in hypnotherapy school and really figured out the deal with our subconscious. Turns out, it runs the whole freagin’ show.

It was time to make friends with my Real, intuitive, subconscious brain.

I stopped thinking like a mass producer of art, and began feeling the intuitive flow that art requested. Moving in and out of colors and lines was simplified. I was grounded. I was Real. I was me. Oddly enough, my art changed and so did my sales. I was invited to teach across the USA and picked up by an art licensing company in Utah within weeks of changing my process.

If you’re ready for Real, intuitive, aligned creating, you’re in the right spot.

Your artistic life does not evolve from conscious creation. It thrives from intuitive (aligned) flow.

Hop onto the link below. I’ve included a free video on how to move into a deep state of relaxation before you create. It’s called the Theta State Process. We’ll use circles to help us align with intuition and get out of our conscious mind.

It’s easy. And it works.