This year I am guiding six mentees towards the journey of their lives. As a spiritual mentor, you will work with me exclusively as we manifest your desires.


As a shamanic practitioner, author, intuitive, trauma therapist and public speaker… I have created a thriving spiritual/intuitive practice. And I want to help you truly live. Not just imagine a life full of blessing and healing.



I’m an accredited college educator, award winning leadership mentor, an intuitive guide and artist, as well as a published author and initiated Shaman from the Q’Ero lineage in Peru. I’ve spent 15 years as a clinical trauma therapist and am a certified hypnotherapist. My spiritual teachings support clients from around the world.

I have taught motivational art retreats throughout the US, and continue to support creative growth through online classes.  My leadership style is empathic, and authentic. My inspirational teachings have enabled me to enjoy many guest appearances on multiple platforms.



When you become a mentee in your spiritual apprenticeship, you will receive:

    •  A monthly activation kit  to support your spiritual work. I create these uniquely for each person. Your kit is specific to your activation & clearing needs (think crystals, herbs, salts, tuning forks etc). I teach you how to use these and integrate them into your client based work.

    • Private mentoring 1x/week for one hour (this is goal focused). Can be via phone.

    • Two (3) hour creative exploration days during the four month time frame to further unblock and heal. Canvas based. I call this Soul Casting work.

    • Two intuitive sessions per month.

    • Access to our private Facebook group full of focus and live meet ups through the month.

    • A Sunday Activation call via Zoom to get focused and supported. All mentees join this. And all mentees are hand chosen by me…& on similar paths. Access and use of my worksheets and exercises to keep you focused and successful.

    • A shamanic clearing monthly.

    • Inside tools of the trade and access to my mantras, shamanic exercises and tips.

    • Text access to me with questions and support.


Our 4-month journey will conclude with a blessing ceremony, as you set a course for complete mind, body and heart transformation.


This ceremony is a part of the Q’ero Shaman’s energy manifestation. It all clear any remaining chakra blocks and ignite your own destiny path with clarity and abundance.




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