Clarity. Guidance.

We seek high and low for these and often…come up empty handed.



Maybe you need to Soul Dive?

Diving is a spiritual and intuitive journey.

With my guidance, we unlock the block, figure out your path that leads ahead of you, and align your spiritual energy (think chakras and auric field).

Once you emerge from your Soul Dive, you will find clarity and ease of living.

Things that usually only happen after years of traditional therapy or hours of intuitive guidance.

Soul Dive enlists the following to help you unblock and get super clear:

  • Intuitive guidance
  • Spiritual awareness
  • Shamanic Practice (Illumination and Chakra Cleansing)
  • Art Release on BIG CANVASES (you can opt to buy these after the session if you’d like…but it is not a necessary)
  • Energy balancing
  • Sacred Circle Work
  • Tarot Reading in your 12-Houses (astrology)

Before you come in for your 2-3 hour dive,

you will create a visualization process with my support, gather relics and totems that you will utilize on the day of your Dive and answer the questionnaire below.

Ready for more?

Fill in the questionnaire Above to get your Soul Dive scheduled

with me, Denise Braun.