The Fraud Fable

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How To Be Real When You Feel Like a Fake

When life starts to feel artificial, and the search for truth seems daunting—you’ve discovered your Fraud Fable. In it’s essence, it goes like this:

You + Self-Imposed Lies + Feeling Like a Faker = Your Fraud Fable

The collection of stories and beliefs you’ve heard about yourself (and believed) from a young age are ready to be re-orchestrated, re-written and re-balanced. You are the creator of your Real. And your Fraud Fable is all an illusion, baby! Throughout this heartfelt offering, author Denise Braun guides you through a playful series of exercises and self-awareness opportunities as you begin to re-claim your truth and start to live your Real.

7 Chapters …7 Hypnosis Based Exercises….7 Original artworks ….Ample Opportunities to be REAL