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Introducing Three In-Person Women’s Circles to Ignite Strength and Spirituality.

Divining Divorce 

April 10th – May 1st (4-5:30 pm)

Divining Divorce is about resilience. Our focus will be guided towards rebuilding the ‘house’ that was left abandoned. This house is your heart and soul space. Having lived through a dissolved marriage and the inevitable personal assessment that comes with it, this group is a love language to help you find stability and calm within the turbulence of a split.

What if you could find a group of women who are seeking their own path after similar experiences? And what if that groups could help you find spiritual strength and discernment behind your completed marriage?

This group is all about hope, healing and wholeness. Does it seem like you’re lost? This 4-week group helps you find strength and like-minded women also healing from a split. And a way to reinvent yourself after love stops.

Healing the Mother Wound

May 15th – June 5th (4-5:30 pm)

The feeling is consistent: your mother is critical and/or judgmental. You want to make her happy but somehow you feel like you’re circling the drain. Is this normal for an adult mother-daughter relationship?

This group is focused on helping you overcome the past and start again. We’ll be using resources to help you understand the feminine force of the mother-daughter dyad. And begin to forgive.

As an adult (likely with a family of your own), the energy you give away to a toxic mother-daughter relationship is depleting.

Join us if you these statements resonate with you:

  • You simply can’t ‘win’ when it comes to your mother
  • You feel exhausted and let down after engaging with your mom
  • You can’t figure out how to make the relationship better
  • You’re ready for change and new understanding

Radical Relationship Revision
June 26th – July 17th (4-5:30 pm)

John Gottman, a psychologist who studied relationships in the 90’s, told us that the first two years of a marriage will predict their longevity. Are they intimate? Do they spend time together? Science is great when it works. But what if you’re struggling now…after MANY years of marriage or dating? What if you’re single? And trying to find a better match than the first time around?

Where do you begin? To either rebuild, recalibrate, reconsider, or reengage in a loving partnership?

Radical Relationship Revision is chalk full of tools to help you show up for your partner. OR, to help you understand your love language (and more) so you can find a love match. Together, we’ll sort through the fluff and find your foundation in dating and partnership. And we’ll take a few quizzes, too! Don’t worry, you won’t be graded.

here’s the 4-1-1:


  • Women who want to feel empowered after a recent or past divorce.
  • Women who feel left behind by a romantic relationship gone wrong.
  • Women who struggle with their mother-daughter relationship in any way.
  • Women who want to better understand how to change old patterns of finding inappropriate partners, or just want to know why they find themselves in the same scenarios time and time again.
  • Women who want to get involved in a community of like-minded thinkers.
  • Women looking for a spiritual practice that’s practical and feels effortless.
  • Women who are seeking something outside themselves to feel “normal”.
  • Women who are scared to date again, but desperately want to find love.
  • Women who are isolated due to a recent divorce or breakup.
  • Women like YOU!


As a therapist and spiritual inspirationalist, I guide hundreds of women into more authentic living by examining and then re-writing their past Fables. Together, we can find better ways to live Real lives. We can use our voice to find our personal strength. And we can heal.


Decide which group(s) serve your life. Each group runs 4-weeks from the first meeting. Payment per group is $350. However, you can save $50 by purchasing admission to all (3) groups for $1000. Payments can be made up until April 17th—the start of our first gathering. If you need to miss a Tuesday for any reason, you will be emailed the curriculum sheet for that day to complete in your own time.


Besides the amazing connection and healing mojo you’ll find in these groups, you’ll also be given a spiral-bound notebook full of notes, offerings, ideas and weekly content that will be covered in our coursework. This book will serve to guide our discussions and activities, as well as act as a historical record of your journey to open heart healing.


These are CLOSED groups. This means once registration closes, no other participants may enter our groups until the next session begins. This ensures emotional safety, an area to grow without judgment and the ability to build trust in our membership.



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