I am not sure that I can express the immense gratitude that I feel for the opportunity to rediscover my truth with Denise. I am so grateful that our paths in life crossed. When I was younger the sky was the limit and anything was possible. I was creative and “outside of the box” was my middle name. As I got older, and started a family, I unknowing crawled into a rabbit hole. Giving up what was viewed as childish and putting what was not practical on the shelf. In essence I lost myself trying to be what I thought was expected of me and act the way that was acceptable. I was functioning and moving through the basic motions of life in what felt like grey tones. I forgot what life in full color was like. I had shut down and was in a self-preservation mode, keeping to myself and not doing anything that was creative or recharging. Denise has helped me set an irreversible ripple affect into motion, to reconnect with my true self and be inspired and excited with the journey in life. She is helping me learn to center and re-balance on a soulful level. The immense peace and new possibilities are worth all the work that is going into this self-transformation and for this I am truly grateful.

Tationa Barnhill

What a wonderful journey life is…I can now stand in a happy/healthy place and say this because my journey has included Denise. I have been in art therapy/hypnotherapy with Denise for over a year now… I have grown so much through her nontraditional process. I love looking through my art journal and seeing the things I have conquered and the areas where I have been stuck and am now able to move through. Its funny in life how in our process we get stuck. There are usually such easy remedies but because we’re so close to the situation we are unable to see the way out. A lot of times, all that is needed is a shift in perspective which through hypnotherapy I have found my way out. I am so appreciative of Denise in the clarity she has brought to my life. I would not be the person who I am today without her….

Sherri VanBlargen

Finding Denise. Such a loving aura, such a positive force.

I have been struggling for years to overcome self destructive patterns in my life.

Traditional therapy, journaling, dredging up painful past memories did not serve me well.

Since spending time with the “Real Denise Braun” in a new mental therapy I have become much closer to my true wonderful self. I am far from perfect, simply human. However, I do truly feel the time I have spent with her has made a difference in my perception of this life. I am calmer, more grounded, less apologetic for being me.

More of my energy is spent on myself instead of others, or worry over what others might think.
My new mantra is “It’s for me!” and it’s okay! I spend time and energy on what makes me a happier person and in doing so affect my whole life in a positive way.

I am so happy she is here and I found her!

Monica Galli

I found Denise at a time when I was trying to heal from a divorce, losing my family and overcoming a lifelong pattern of self-loathing, victimhood and feelings of unworthiness that had brought abusive people into my life. I had been through two years of intense traditional talk therapy, which had saved me when I was in the depths of despair and I was doing better, but I was still plagued with repetitive negative self-talk, obsessive thoughts about my past and future and still suffered at times with anxiety and depression.

My sessions with Denise changed my life. I now see it was part of my journey that came at just the right time. Through my sessions, I was able to change my thought patterns. It’s not like I never have sad thoughts or bad days, but they are not all consuming. The way my mind deals with the past, present and future memories have changed forever. I am now better equipped to deal with the struggles I face. My sessions make me feel strong, powerful and capable to be the best that I can be.

Thank you, Denise, for changing my life and helping me move past the pain and into the future.

Denise G